Devin M. Mann, MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Medicinedevin mann

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NYU School of Medicine- M.D. Degree
Clinical Epidemiology and Health Services Research, Weill Cornell Medical College-M.S. Degree

General Field of Work:

Cardiovascular and Diabetes Prevention


Section of Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology, Boston University School of Medicine
Section of General Internal Medicine, Boston University Medical Center
Division of General Internal Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Contact information:

Office/Lab: 801 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 470, Boston, MA 02118


Diabetes prevention, Informatics, Epidemiology, Behavior adherence

Summary of academic interest:

My interests incorporate a background in primary care, behavioral medicine and epidemiology with a newer focus on health IT. Drawing on this foundation, my primary project seeks to implement new pathways for preventing chronic disease in primary care settings. This NIH funded study, termed ADAPT, is building a new electronic medical record (EMR) based tool designed to promote effective diabetes prevention counseling in primary care. Other active projects include a NIH sponsored planning grant to design a primary care based education curriculum that trains providers in the understanding and application of new genomic (diabetes and cardiovascular) risk data and an AHRQ funded project to integrate clinical prediction rules into the EMR. I also maintain an active research interest in cardiovascular medication adherence and cardiovascular epidemiology using datasets such as NHANES, MESA, Kaiser Permanente and Framingham.

Recent Publications:

  1. Mann DM, Carson A, Shimbo DS, Fonseca V, Fox C, Muntner P. “Impact of HbA1c screening criterion on the diagnosis of pre-diabetes among US adults.”  Diab Care. 2010; 33(10)2190-5. PMID: 20628087
  2. Carson AP, Fox CS, McGuire DK, Levitan EB, Laclaustra M, Mann DM, Muntner P. “Low Hemoglobin A1c and Risk of All-Cause Mortality Among US Adults Without Diabetes.”  Circ Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes. Epub Oct 5, 2010. PMID: 20923991
  3. Shimbo D, Muntner P, Mann D, Barr RG, Tang W, Post W, Lima J, Burke G, Bluemke D, Shea S. “Left Ventricular Hypertrophy is Associated with Incident Hypertension: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis.” Am J Epidemiol. (in press)
  4. Muntner P, Mann D, Wildman R, Shimbo D, Fuster V, Woodward M. “Projected impact of polypill use among US adults: medication use, cardiovascular risk reduction and side effects.” Am Heart J. (in press)
  5. Muntner P, Woodward M, Carson AP, Judd SE, Levitan EB, Mann D, McClellan W, Warnock DG. “Development and Validation of a Self-Assessment Tool for Albuminuria: Results from the REasons for Geographic And Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) Study.”  Am J Kidney Dis. (in press).
  6. *Kronish IM, Woodward M, Sergie Z, Ogedegbe G, Falzon L, Mann DM.  “Meta-Analysis: Impact of Drug Class on Adherence to Antihypertensives.” Circulation. 2011; 123:1611-1621.
  7. Muntner P, Mann DM, Woodward W, Choi JW, Stoler RC, Shimbo D, Farkouh M, Kim M.  “Predictors of Low Clopidogrel Adherence Following Percutaneous Coronary Intervention.” Am J Card.  (in press)
  8. Mann DM, Kannry JL, Edonyabo D, Li AC, Arciniega J, Stulman J, Romero L, Wisnivesky J, Adler R, McGinn TG.  “Rationale, design and implementation protocol of an electronic health record Integrated Clinical Prediction Rule (iCPR) randomized trial in primary care.” Imp Science. (in press).
  9. Cho AH, Jiang E, Mann DM, Kawamoto K, Robinson TJ, Wang N, McCarthy JJ, Woodward M, Ginsburg GS.   “A More Rapid Approach to Systematically Assessing Published Associations of Genetic Polymorphisms and Disease Risk: Type 2 Diabetes as a Test Case.” Comparative Effectiveness Research. (in press).