Andrea Kronman, MD, MSc


Assistant Professor of Medicine


University of Massachusetts Medical School

University of Massachusetts Medical Center

Fellowship Training:
General Internal Medicine/Preventive Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine

Other education:
MSc, Boston University School of Public Health

General field of research:

Women’s Health; Primary Care; Public Health.

Affiliations other than medicine:

Women’s Health Interdisciplinary Research Center (WHIRC)
Boston University School of Public Health

Contact information:

Research Office
801 Massachusetts Avenue
Crosstown Building, Suite 470
Boston, MA 02118

For Dr. Kronman’s clinical contact information, click here. For clinical questions, please call (617) 414-6800

Other research websites:

Women’s Health Unit


Women’s health, vulnerable populations, breast cancer, mood disorders

Summary of research interest:

Dr. Kronman is an Assistant Professor at Boston University School of Medicine. She is a physician-researcher in the Women’s Health Group and Health Care Research Unit in the Section of General Internal Medicine. Dr. Kronman holds a primary care practice at Commonwealth Medical Group and is a medical provider at Belkin Breast Health Center.

Recent publications:

Kronman AC, Freund KM, Hanchate A, Emanuel EJ, Ash AS Nursing Home Residence Confounds Gender Differences in Medicare Utilization: An Example of Simpson’s Paradox”, Women’s Health Issues: 2010; 20:105-113

Hanchate A, Kronman AC, Young-Xu Y, Ash AS, Emanuel EJ “Racial and Ethnic Differences in End of Life Costs: Why do Minorities Cost More Than Whites?,” Arch Int Med. 2009; 169 (5):493-501

Kronman AC, Ash AS, Freund KM, Hanchate A, Emanuel EJ “Primary Care Visits Reduce Hospital Care and Costs Among Medicare Beneficiaries at the End-Of-Life”, JGIM. 2008; 23 (9):1330-1335.

Tan KN, Datlof BM, Gilmore JA, Kronman AC, Lee JH, Maxam AM, Rao A. The T cell receptor V alpha 3 gene segment is associated with reactivity to p-azobenzenearsonate. Cell. 1988; 54:247-261

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