DOM Core Support Request Form

The DOM has invested considerable resources in new Core services and the CTSI ( Although these services are available to the entire Boston University Community, we would like to facilitate their use particularly by new and unfunded DOM investigators who require preliminary data for a grant application.

Accordingly, the Department of Medicine created a Core waiver system that was distributed to each section in the DOM. The Department will continue to provide support to unfunded investigators to support their use of the cores. Our goal is to enable investigators to obtain or retain independent funding and to provide an equitable mechanism to pay for core services.

As the pool of money is limited Funds will now be distributed on a quarterly basis to investigators seeking preliminary data that will lead to grant applications. Unfunded investigators will submit a request for core funding to the Vice Chair of Research office for consideration. Submissions will be reviewed and awarded based on available funding from the Department. The following are the submission deadlines:

September 1,

December 1,

March 1,

Submit a Core Support Request

If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Corkey at


Updated May 2015