DOM Conference Rooms

Reservations for the DOM conference rooms in the Evans Building 1st floor should be requested via email to:


*BU users should email

*PLEASE NOTE: All 4 Evans rooms are equipped with Promethean Smart Boards. If you are unfamiliar with these boards please familiarize yourself with the Promethean Board Training Manual. We recommend that you make an appointment with Nellie or Jen to give you a demo prior to your first time using the boards for a meeting.

Below is a description of the conference rooms:

Evans 115 -Seats 8 around table, additional chairs in room to accommodate up to 15. Equipped with Promethean Smart Board.

Evans 118- Seats 15 around table, additional chairs in room to accommodate up to 25. Equipped with Promethean Smart Board.

Evans Seminar Room (E112A) – Seats up to 50. Equipped with Promethean Smart Board.
Tables are in U shape.

Wilkins Board Room (E120) Seats up to 60.  Equipped with Promethean Smart Board.
Tables are in U shape

Food/drink are allowed in all rooms, however, the Dept. booking the room is responsible for general clean up.

If room needs to be set up differently for your event, you must contact BU facilities in advance. BU users should put in a CAMMS request.

Requests for rooms should provide following information:

Name of Event
Room Requested
Event Dates
Beginning time and end time (if there are food/drinks- allow time at beginning & end of meeting to accommodate set/up, clean up)
Expected attendees
Dept. Name
Contact person, contact phone #

Please note that the Dept. of Medicine may have to bump your event if room is needed for a Dept. of Medicine function.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Jennifer Visconti or Inel Ferrara
Office of the Chairman
Department of Medicine


Additional DOM Conference Rooms:

X714 & X715– Located in EBRC building, 650 Albany Street, 7th Floor

Both rooms seat up to 40 people and the divider in the middle can be removed to make one large room.

Equipped with projectors and screens but no computers.

Booked through 25 Live

For info on how to gain access to book rooms in 25 Live and tutorials/training see here.