Annual Evaluation

The purpose of the Faculty Development System is to facilitate the annual review of faculty with their supervisor.

The system allows faculty to review their research, teaching, committee, publication and other activity with their supervisors, including documenting goals and ensuring promotion criteria are understood, as well as manage their licensure information and review external activity, where appropriate.

The anticipated order of events are:

a.   Faculty member logs in to review, edit and submit their annual record of activity

b.   Supervisor logs in and reviews the information in advance of the in-person meeting

c.   Supervisor and faculty member meet for the face-to-face evaluation

d.   Supervisor logs in and goes to “Complete Face-to-Face Evaluation,” which triggers an email confirmation to the faculty member

e.   Faculty member confirms the date of the evaluation when responding to the email

This system will allow faculty to review data provided from authoritative sources, allow them to update their record with new information, and electronically provide that new information to their supervisor.

The system provides faculty with a number of areas in which they can add explanatory comments, and allows they and their supervisor to formally document feedback, all of which is expected to be useful in future evaluations.

For technical help with the system, an online manual is available.