DOM Administration Grand Rounds


July 21, 2015

Marci Bloch- Growth and Learning: Enhancing your Career Toolbox

Growth and Learning


May 19, 2015

Steve Borkan, MD and Craig Gordon, MD
Take Control of Your Time-Improving Time Management Skills

Time management

April 28, 2015

Francine Montemurro-Managing Conflict and Difficult Situations

Managing conflict and difficult situations


February 17, 2015

Kelly Hunley- The Business of Healthcare at BMC

Business of Healthcare at BMC


January 20, 2015

Mary Moskofides- Effort Reporting

Effort Reporting Presentation 01.20.15


December 9, 2014

DOM Holiday Luncheon

holiday partyholiday party 2










October 21, 2014

Selvin Ohene- Clinical Trials Educational Session

Clinical Trials Budgeting Billing Financial Management


September 16, 2014

Selvin Ohene and Michael Collins-Research Administration

PI Presentations for Clinical Trial Office


August 19, 2014

David Coleman, M.D.- Framework for Effective Leadership

Framework for Effective Leadership


June 17, 2014

Lori Siracusa- Project Management Toolkit Training

PMO Toolkit Training Presentation

1. Project Management Tools – Introduction

2. Project Management Tools – Table of Contents

3. Project Management Tools – Document Library

4. Project Management Tools – Document Lifecycle

5. Project Management Tools – Document Checklist

6. Project Management Tools – Project Date Management

7. Project Management Tools – Document Matrix


May 20, 2014

Mary Tunney O’Connor- Using Social Media In Your Department

Social Media Get Trained 2014

Social Media Information


April 15, 2014

Karen Brouhard, LICSW-Resilience and Mindfulness

Resilience and Mindfulness presentation

Building Resilience and Mindfulness


February 18, 2014

Robina Bhasin- Professional Development Resources

Development Network Map

Myers Briggs-type personality test


Self-care assessment

WakeUp! The Surprising Truth about What Drives Stress and How Leaders Build Resilience


January 21, 2014

Alex Hui- Grant Reporting