Paul C. Schroy III, M.D., M.P.H.

Schroy_Paul-2-5x3-5Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology


M.D., Jefferson Medical College
M.P.H., Boston University School of Public Health

General field of research:

Health Services and Clinical Epidemiology

Affiliations other than medicine:

Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research
Section of Gastroenterology/Department of Medicine

Contact information:

85 East Concord Street, Room 7715
Phone: (617)-638 8335
Fax: (617)-638 8335


Colorectal cancer; colorectal cancer screening; informed decision making; shared decision-making; decision aids; risk prediction models

Summary of research interest:

Utilizing an integrated approach that incorporates a strong background in laboratory research, clinical experience and public health training, Dr. Schroy’s research activities focus primarily on the development, implementation and evaluation of model programs for community-based colorectal cancer control. Current areas of investigation include: (1)the role of informed and shared decision-making as a strategy for increasing patient participation in colorectal cancer screening; (2) the development of a risk prediction model for advanced neoplasia at screening colonoscopy; (3) the evaluation of novel colorectal cancer screening strategies; and (4) quality measures related to colorectal cancer screening.

Recent publications:

Schroy P, Heeren T. 2005. Patient perceptions and screening preferences: a comparative study of stool-based DNA testing, fecal occult blood testing and colonoscopy. Am J Prev Med 28:208-14. PMID: 15710277

Schroy PC, Lal S, Wilson S, Heeren T, Farraye F. 2005. Deficiencies in knowledge and familial risk communication among colorectal adenoma patients. J Clin Gastroenterol 39:298-302. PMID: 15758623

Schroy PC, Geller A, Jackson A, Glick J, Heeren T, Prout M. 2005. A novel educational strategy to enhance internal medicine residents’ familial colorectal cancer knowledge and risk assessment skills. Am J Gastroenterol 100:677-84. PMID: 15743368

Itzkowitz S, Jandorf L, Brand R, Rabeneck L, Schroy P, Sontag S, Johnson D, Skoletsky J, Markowitz S, Shuber A. 2007. Improved fecal DNA test for colorectal cancer screening. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol 5:111-7. PMID: 17161655

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