Daniel J. Oates

Assistant Professor


M.D., Boston University School of Medicine, 2000
M.Sc., Boston University School of Public Health, Health Services Research

General field of research:


Affiliations other than medicine:

Medical Director, Multicultural Homecare

Contact information:

Geriatrics, Robinson 2


Geraitrics; Medical Education; Health Literacy; Readmissions

Summary of research interest:

I am interested in health literacy, particularly in! developing educational interventions for trainees and practicing providers in this area. Additionally I am interested in rehospitalizations ammongst vulnerable elders and clinical strategies that may be employed to reduce this.

Recent publications:

Oates D, Norton L, Russell M, Chao S, Hardt E, Brett B, Kimball P, Levine S.  2009.  Multisite Geriatrics Clerkship for Fourth Year Medical Students: A Successful Model for Teaching the AAMC Core Competencies. J Am Ger Soc; 57:1917-1924.

Oates D, Silliman R.  2009.  Health Literacy: Improving Patient Understanding. Oncology; 23:376-379.

Oates, D. Paasche-Orlow, M.  2009.  Health Literacy: Communication Strategies to Improve Patient Comprehension of Cardiovascular Health. Circulation; 119:1049-1051.

Brandeis G, Oates D.  2007.  The Judeo-Christian Origins of the Nursing Home. J Am Med Dir Assoc; 8:279-283. 

Oates D, Berlowitz D, Glickman M, Silliman R, Borzecki A.  2007.  Blood Pressure and Survival in the Oldest Old. J Am Ger Soc; 55:383-388.