Montano Lab

Assistant Professor


PhD, Genetics, Stanford University

General field of research:

Pathogenomics, muscle biology, aging.

Affiliations other than medicine:

Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research
Center for HIV AIDS Care and Research (CHACR)
Boston OAIC Pepper Center
Program in Molecular Medicine
Program in Genetics and Genomicse

Contact information:

EBRC 646
Phone: (617)-414 4806

EBRC 640

Other research websites:

Research group information:

Kim Kafadar, postdoc
Camellia Banerjee, MD/PhD student
Micah Meltzer, technician
Scott Chappell, undergrad
Qusaid Dahadwola, Masters student


HIV; Pathogenomics; Inflammation; Muscle; Aging

Summary of research interest:

Dr. Montano is currently a principal investigator in the Department of Medicine, in the sections of infectious diseases and molecular medicine. The Montano laboratory is broadly interested in HIV pathogenomics, immune – muscle cell interaction and aging science. Research initiatives in the Montano laboratory include analysis of the interaction between host immune factors (e.g., macrophages) and muscle stem cell remodeling during normal muscle remodeling and in HIV associated muscle wasting, the molecular phenotyping of aging and the identification of prognostic biomarkers for anabolic response. The laboratory ­­utilizes tools in molecular virology, quantitative analysis of gene and protein expression, and genome-wide microarray analysis to better understand genotypic and phenotypic associations with human health and disease.


Recent publications:

Montano MA, Rarick M, Sebastiani P, Brinkmann P, Skefos J, Ericksen R.  2006.  Genome-wide profiling of HIV-1 dependent cellular transcription upon exposure to N. gonorrhoeae, in vitro. Int. Immunol; 18(1):125-37. PMID: 16352629

Rarick M, Skefos J, McPheeters C, Bright S, Montano M.  2006.  Cross-regulated cytokine expression in PBMCs exposed to whole bacterial N. gonorrheae.  Microbial Pathogenesis; 40(6):261-70. PMID: 16626926

Montano M, Rarick M, Sebastiani P, M Thior I, Navis A, Essex M.  2006.  Gene expression profiling of HIV-1 infection and perinatal transmission in Botswana.  Genes and Immunity; 7(4):298-309. PMID: 16691187

Montano MA, Flanagan J, Rarick M, Sebastiani P, Bhasin S.  2007.  Differential gene profiling of testosterone-regulated genes in the skeletal muscle of HIV-infected men experiencing weight loss. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism; 92(7):2793-802. PMID: 17440010

Technologies available for sharing upon request:

Realtime PCR; Multiplex Protein Profiling; Muscle stem cell isolation