Paul A. Monach

Assistant Professor of Medicine


MD, University of Chicago, 1999
PhD (Immunology), University of Chicago, 1994

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Office and Lab: E-533, 72 East Concord Street, Boston MA 02118
Phone: (617)-414-2503
Fax: (617)-414-2510


vasculitis, biomarkers, genetics, neutrophils

Summary of academic interest:

My research interests are:

1. Biomarkers in vasculitis. The long-term goal is to identify markers that are helpful for diagnosing, staging, or providing prognostic information in vasculitis. Using samples from a recent clinical trial, we have recently identified multiple cytokines, chemokines, and markers of vascular injury that are promising leads for future studies aimed at assessing clinical utility.

2. Genetics of vasculitis. My goal is to gain insight into the pathophysiology of the vasculitides by identifying genetic variants that confer risk. Current work is focused on 192 polymorphisms previously associated with other, seemingly unrelated autoimmune diseases.

3. Clinical trials in vasculitis. I am a co-investigator in multi-center clinical trials in multiple vasculitides.

4. Neutrophils in inflammatory diseases. I am investigating gene expression in mouse neutrophils as part of the Immunological Genome Project (, and I hope to translate these findings into work on neutrophil biology in human inflammatory diseases.

Recent Publications: