Terese C. Hammond, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Pulmonarytch_CCM

Critical Care and Sleep Medicine

Director of Outpatient Pulmonary Clinic


Medical School: University of Missouri, Columbia
Internship: Boston University School of Medicine
Residency: Boston University School of Medicine
Fellowship: Boston University School of Medicine
Board Certifications: Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care Medicine; Board Eligible in Sleep Medicine

General field of research:

  • Complex Sleep Disorder
  • Sleep apnea and pulmonary hypertension
  • Sleep apnea and oxidative stress

Clinical Interests:

  • Sleep apnea and other non-apnic sleep disorders, CPAP compliance

Contact information:

Boston Medical Center, DOB 4th Floor

Phone: (617)-638 7480

Emerson Hospital, 131 ORNAC John Cuming Building Ste 660, Concord, MA 01742

Phone: (978)-369 4238


Summary of research interest:

During my fellowship at Boston University, I pursued several tracks of clinical sleep research with Dr. Dan Gottlieb. I was involved with the multi-center APPLES (Apnea Positive Pressure Long-term Efficacy Study) trial at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital site and also explored associations between obstructive sleep apnea and oxidative stress in patients enrolled in the Sleep Heart Health Study. I left Boston University after fellowship in 2007 to practice community-based pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine at Emerson Hospital in Concord, MA. While I continue to practice sleep medicine on a limited basis at Emerson, I returned to a full time academic position at BU in March 2009. I am currently involved in the expansion and refinement of the BU/Boston Medical Center multi-disciplinary sleep program.

Recent publications:

Mark L. Unruh, Mark H. Sanders2 Susan R. Redline, Beth M. Piraino, Jason G. Umans,Terese C. Hammond, Imran Sharief, Naresh M. Punjabi, Anne B. Newman. (2007) “Sleep Apnea in Patients on Conventional Thrice-Weekly Hemodialysis: Comparison with Matched Controls from the Sleep Heart Health Study”. JASN 2006

Ercal, N., Oztezcan, S., Hammond, T., Matthews, R., Spitz, D. (1996). “HPLC assay for N-acetylcysteine in biological samples following derivatization with N-(1-pyrenyl)maleimide.” J Chromatography B, 685: 329-334.

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