Davidson H. Hamer

Professor of International Health and Medicine


BA: Amherst College 
MD: University of Vermont College of Medicine Internal Medicine
Residency: Washington Hospital Center
Infectious Diseases Fellowship: Tufts-New England Medical Center

General field of research:

International health: neonatal and child survival; malaria

Affiliations other than medicine:

Department of International Health, BUSPH
Section of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine, BUSM

Contact information:

Center for Infectious Diseases, Dowling Pavilion, Ground Floor
Phone: (617) 414-4290

Center for Global Health and Development, Crosstown 3rd floor, 801 Massachusetts Avenue
Phone: (617) 414-1267
Fax: (617) 414-1261


Other research websites:



Neonatal health; child survival; malaria; micronutrients; HIV; travel medicine

Summary of research interest:

Epidemiology and treatment of malaria and pneumonia in pre-school children in low income countries; Evaluations of improved approaches to the prevention and management of infectious and non-infectious diseases in neonates in order to improve their survival; Interventions to prevent or treat malnutrition or specific micronutrient deficiencies including evaluations of the effects of micronutrients, especially zinc, vitamin A, iron, and selenium on the incidence of common infectious diseases (e.g., malaria, diarrheal disease, and acute respiratory infections) in pre-school children; Epidemiology of malaria in pregnancy and evaluation of interventions designed to decrease maternal morbidity and improve birth outcomes; Evaluations of the interaction between HIV infection and malaria; Interventions to improve adherence to antiretroviral therapy in resource-poor settings; Micronutrient interventions to prevent infections in the elderly

Recent publications:

Gill CJ, Phiri-Mazala G, Guerina NG, Kasimba J, Mulenga M, MacLeod WB, Waitolo N, Knapp AB, Mirochnick M, Mazimba A, Fox MP, Sabin LL, Seidenberg P, Simon JL, Hamer DH. The Lufwanyama Neonatal Survival Project (LUNESP): a randomized, controlled study of using trained traditional birth attendants to reduce neonatal mortality. Brit Med J 2011;342:d346.

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