Audrey H. Calderwood

Assistant Professor

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AB, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

MD, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, Chicago, IL

General Field of Work:

Colorectal cancer prevention; colonoscopy outcomes; bowel preparation

Affiliations other than medicine:

Section of Gastroenterology

Contact information:

Office: 85 East Concord Street, 7th Floor

Phone: 617-638-8211

Fax: 617-639-6529

Other content:

The Boston Bowel Preparation Scale Educational Program


Colorectal cancer prevention; colonoscopy outcomes; bowel preparation

Summary of academic interest:

Dr. Calderwood’s clinical interests include general gastroenterology, capsule endoscopy, the care of patients with inflammatory bowel disease, and high-risk cancer syndromes. Her research interests include colorectal cancer prevention and quality in colonoscopy. She has led research studies on the validation of The Boston Bowel Preparation Scale, a novel scale designed for use in describing bowel cleanliness, as well as educational interventions to improve bowel preparation for patients.

Recent Publications:

Hsieh CM, Yet SF, Layne MD, Watanabe M, Hong AM, Perella MA, Lee ME. Genomic cloning and promoter analysis of aortic preferentially expressed gene-1:Identification of a vascular smooth muscle cell-specific promoter mediated by an E-box motif. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1999;274:14344-51. PMID 10318857

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Calderwood AH and Kane SV. IBD and Pregnancy. Med Gen Med. 2004;6:14. PMID 15775841

Calderwood AH and Mishkin DM. Downhill esophageal varices caused by catheter-related thrombosis. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2008;6:e1. PMID 18166470

Calderwood AH, Huo D, and Rubin DT. Association between colorectal cancer and urologic malignancies. Arch Intern Med. 2008;168:1003-9. PMID 18474765

Lai EJ, Calderwood AH, Doros G, Fix OK, Jacobson BJ. The Boston Bowel Preparation Scale: A valid and reliable instrument for colonoscopy-oriented research. Gastrointest Endo. 2009;69:620-5. PMID 19136102