CReM team develops rapid result, in-house COVID-19 testing

Dr. George Murphy of Center for Regenerative Medicine (CReM), co-directs efforts with Dr. Chris Andry of the Department of Pathology to develop an in-house test to determine COVID status of incoming patients and staff. Using this test, healthcare teams are able to test potential cases of COVID-19 and receive results within a day as opposed to receiving results 5-7 days out from most state and commercial labs.

“‘The clinical impact is huge,’ says Andry. ‘There are patients who have symptoms who are essentially in isolation rooms waiting for a test result, and staff are using a lot of necessary personal protective equipment — appropriately — to care for those patients.’ As soon as providers can get a test result that’s positive, they have a treatment plan, he says. And if the test result is negative, they can step down on the use of PPE and resources to care for that patient, including N95 masks that are in short supply.”

The rapidly developed test received unprecedentedly quick approval from the FDA for use for patients at Boston Medical Center.

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