Podcasting Now Available

Audio podcasting is a great way to showcase lectures, events, and Grand Rounds
on your section’s website, and to make these valuable learning opportunities available
to those who weren’t able to attend the events, both within our community and outside.

The Dept. of Medicine will be holding training sessions this summer, designed to equip you
with the skills to produce your own podcasts for web posting and online sharing.

No equipment or prior experience required!

One-hour lunchtime trainings will be held June 21, July 12, and August 16


What you’ll learn:

  1. Overview of podcasting and how it can be valuable in an academic medicine environment
  2. What you’ll need to get started with podcasting (equipment, computer programs, etc.)
  3. Recording an event
  4. Editing audio files post-event
  5. Saving your project and exporting in podcast format
  6. Sharing your podcast online and through RSS feeds