Administration/Public Health

Management Curriculum

It is imperative in health care today that academic clinicians have a solid understanding of administrative and management issues. Whether one chooses a career in education or research, acquiring necessary management and leadership skills will allow you to organize yourself, successfully administer education and research programs, run an office, or manage a business. For this reason, fellows participate in a series of management and leadership seminars sponsored by the Section of Geriatric Medicine.

In addition to attending various lectures throughout the year on such topics as time management, running a meeting, and “personality types”, fellows participate in an intense, semester-long management and leadership course. The first thirteen sessions are a combination of didactic and interactive formats on key management issues such as:

  • Basic management principles
  • Accounting
  • How organizations function
  • Human resource management (e.g., identifying, recruiting and hiring personnel)
  • Planning
  • Marketing strategies

Fellows have found this course extremely helpful, regardless of their career path. The skills learned are applicable to all professionals who have leadership roles in their job or organization. Some fellows even decide to take additional management courses in the School of Public Health. This is an option through the Fellowship’s masters program.