Integration Curriculum Subcommittee

Charge to the ICS:

The Integration Curriculum Subcommittee (ICS) is an ad hoc subcommittee of the Medical Education Committee which will examine current sequencing and coordination of course content, instructional methods, and competency assessment methods to achieve levels of integration appropriate to the needs and capacity for change of BUSM. The ICS will address both vertical and horizontal integration needs, and will also respond to external influences on the BUSM curriculum such as changes in accreditation requirements or national changes preparation of matriculating students.

The ICS will also respond to, and support, requests to address specific problems or needs identified by the Dean of the School of Medicine or the Chair of the Medical Education Committee. In general, proposals for changes to the curriculum should be developed in consultation with appropriate curriculum committees and school academic leadership. The ICS may request participation of course and clerkship directors as the group sees fit. The ICS will also be responsible for guiding, supporting, and evaluating any proposed changes that are ultimately selected for implementation.

The ICS will report on a regular basis to the educational committees. Given current budgetary constraints, planning should emphasize budget- neutral solutions and attend to USMLE Step Exam performance achievement goals.


ICS Meeting Minutes