Objectives and Curriculum Subcommittee 2012-13 Minutes

EPOS Minutes 6-19-12

Review of fall course learning objectives

EPOS Minutes 7-17-12

Fall course learning objectives presented and approved by MEC, review of BU CARES, and EPOS website
EPOS meeting 8-21-12 was cancelled due to scheduling issues.

EPOS Minutes 9-18-12

EPOS making a difference, new student members welcomed, new meeting schedule, and selection of e*Value as curriculum database

EPOS Minutes 10-16-12

Review of spring course learning objectives, questioning ILO “R,” and the alignment of learning objectives and exams

EPOS Minutes 11-20-12

EPOS officially changes name to Objectives and Curriculum Subcommitte (OCS), U Mass report on exam reviews, review of session learning objectives, piloting coding of AAMC MedAPS, and ExamSoft categories

EPOS Minutes 12-18-12

AAMC MedAPS request and suggestions for BU CARES

OCS Minutes 1-22-13

e*Value Curriculum Mapping and rubric for linking BU CARES

OCS Minutes 2-19-13

Pilot coding of a basic science course using AAMC medical education competencies

OCS Minutes 3-19-13

The revised new process for coding the course/clerkship learning objectives and their session learning objectives to comply with the AAMC Medical Academic Performance Services (MEDAPS) process

OCS Minutes 4-23-13

The review of the clerkship and session learning objectives and the SubInternships learning objectives to submit to the MEC

OCS Minutes 6-18-13

The review of the fall course and learning objectives to submit to the MEC.