Objectives Curriculum Subcommittee

Overview and Tasks
The Objectives and Curriculum Subcommittee (OCS)* is one of four standing subcommittees of the Medical Educational Committee (MEC). The OCS meets monthly and elects a chair every three years to represent the subcommittee at the MEC.

* Initially named the Educational Program on Objectives Subcommittee (EPOS)


  • Ron Medzon, MD, Emergency Medicine, Clinical Director, Solomon Center for Simulation and Nursing Education Boston Medical Center
  • Gail March, PhD, Office of Medical Education, Academic Affairs, Director of Instructional Design and Faculty Development


  • John Wiecha, MD, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Anand Devaiah, MD, Associate Program Director for Education; Director, Medical Student Education in Otolaryngology
  • Shi Yang, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine
  • Uri Avissar, Assistant Professor, Department of Gastroenterology
  • Teressa Cheng, Assistant Professor, Department of General Internal Medicine
  • Chava Chapman, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine
  • Tony Tannoury, Assistant Professor, Department of  Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Chris Vaughan, Director of Evaluation and Curriculum Management

Student representatives:  MS4 — Ujas Parikh and Regan Ferraro, MS3 — Sagar Patel and Mike Stratton, MS2 — Janine Petito, and MS1 — Kara Kleber and Mac Staben.

Charge Stated in BUSM Bylaws 5.c
“The OCS will be appointed by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in consultation with the MEC and shall meet approximately monthly. The OCS shall be responsible for ensuring that the curriculum reflects the Institutional Learning Objectives, examining and recommending changes to the goals and direction of the curriculum as a whole, and for working directly with faculty to examine and recommend changes to the translation of the more general goals into course specific objectives and the vertical integration of objectives throughout the four years.”

Analyses and Reporting
The Objectives and Curriculum Subcommittee (OCS) serves as one component of the school’s Curriculum Planning, Evaluation and Improvement (CPEI) process. As such, OCS serves to pose and answer curricular-level questions about educational learning objectives that focus on what students are expected to learn. The e*Value database is used to support such analyses. Three types of reports are generated by OCS members that include:

  1. Report on Analysis of BUCARES and Course and Clerkship Objectives;
  2. Report on Analysis of Curricular Redundancies and Gaps; and
  3. Report on Compliance with Educational Standards for Learning Objectives

The subcommittee will share the findings with the Medical Education Committee, Preclerkship Curriculum Subcommittee, and Clinical Curriculum Subcommittee so as to inform the design and implementation of curricular efforts, as well as instructional delivery and evaluation of student performance. This broad curricular view will provide insights into patterns that can be integrated with more detailed findings from the Clerkship Peer Review Subcommittee that is also assessing clerkships objectives as part of its annual cycle of analyses.

For further information, contact Ron Medzon at Ron.Medzon@bmc.org or Gail March at gmarch@bu.edu.