Medical Education Committee

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The Medical Education Committee (MEC) assumes a wide range of responsibilities that were outlined to assure the quality of medical education provided by BUSM. This quality assurance process requires the MEC to define the educational goals of the school and ensure that these goals are represented in educational objectives and courses within the four-year curriculum.

To further assist the implementation of BUSM goals, the MEC also:

  • Decides on, designs, plans, focuses, and oversees revisions of the curriculum in consultation with the course managers as representatives of the teaching faculty and the appropriate working groups
  • Evaluates the performance of all course managers
  • Advises the Dean on the resources appropriate for the support of all courses and clerkships;
  • Assesses the time required for faculty to lead and teach courses
  • Assesses the method of student evaluation and grading
  • Works closely with the Office of Medical Education (OME) to develop and analyze curricular and course data
  • Reports to the faculty and students no less than annually