Storage Access


The SCC will have it’s own storage cluster. For continuing study, current storage clusters are mounted to the filesystem to provide access to older systems in the SCC environment. Certain restricted file systems, such as LinGA’s existing storage which need to comply with dbGaP data security requirements, are only available from the SCC4 login node and compute nodes.


SCC Storage Cluster
LinGA Storage Cluster

New SCC Storage Cluster

All SCC clusters have a common storage cluster. Generally, all projects will have a base allocation. LinGA administrators can assist in a data migration from the LinGA Storage Cluster to the SCC Storage Cluster.

Storage paths

  • Backed Up > Projects:           /restricted/project/<projectname>
  • Not Backed Up > Projects     /restricted/projectnb/<projectname>

NOTE: These storage paths are available on SCC and on LinGA. You can access the the SCC Storage Cluster from within the LinGA environment using the same “/restricted/project/<projectname>” path. This simplifies data access, scripting and data transfer between clusters.


    Existing LinGA Storage Cluster (Ibrix)

    LinGA’s existing storage cluster is mounted on SCC4 (only) making all current data available within the the SCC cluster. Paths to data are the same on both LinGA clusters and SCC. To use restricted data, such as dbGaP data on the LinGA filesystem, log into the SCC cluster through the SCC4 login node.

    Storage paths

    • Protected > Personal:       /protected/individual/<username>
    • Protected > Projects:        /protected/projects/<projectname>
    • Unprotected > Projects:   /unprotected/projects/<projectname>


    BU Archive

    The BU Archive system is accessible from the SCC via the /restricted path. Access to Archive from SCC is only available if it has been granted to your project/group’s space. Access is granted on an individual project/group basis.

    • Archive > Replicated:           /restricted/archive/replicated/project/<projectname>
    • Archive > Not Replicated:    /restricted/archive/not-replicated/project/<projectname>