Buy-In Program


All future hardware purchases will go through the Buy-in program described here: There are several hardware configurations to choose from, please consult the LinGA administrators for guidance. Any order placed now will be available for use by/near September 1st, 2013.


Linga Recommendations

LinGA Recommendations


For NextGen sequencing and studies typically completed on the LinGA clusters, we recommend higher performing hardware. You may select from any of the flavors in the listed here ( (BU Kerberos credentials required).


  • System #2: Large Memory Node
  • Add 10GbE Network option if you anticipate heavy IO to shared storage.


Only non-replicated (i.e. not backed up) storage is available at this time. The SCC Storage offerings are detailed here (


  • Minimum purchase of 15 TB with 5 TB increments for additional capacity is recommended
  • Non-replicated: $XXX/TB usable for 5 years
  • Replicated: $YYY/TB usable for 5 years (this is not available yet)
  • Smaller capacities (as little as 1 TB) charged as a service on per TB/ per year basis will soon become available


Please consult the LinGA Administrators ( prior to any SCC contribution. We will ensure that any additions meet the requirements for your research and the cluster as a whole.