Account Management


LinGA and SCV are combining accounting efforts on SCC. If you have an account on Katana, you will be able to visit the sites below and manage personal and project account information. Some of these features are not yet available to LinGA users.


Project Leader and PI
User Data
Login Issues and Password Reset
Note: Default Projects

Project Leader and PI

Project leaders can manage their respective projects though the Scientific Computing Facility (SCF) project accounting portal. Please login using your SCF credentials and select your project from the list. This portal allows a project leader to renew/change a project, modify user access, request additional resources and monitor past usage.

User Data

SCC users can manage their user information though the Scientific Computing Facility (SCF) user accounting portal. Please login using your BU Kerberos credentials. This portal provides access to your personal record, detailed project usage (via “Project Data”), long term records of CPU usage and a link to change your default project.

Login Issues and Password Reset

The SCC and most managed systems accept BU Kerberos login credentials– a link for password reset is below. Some Scientific Computing Facility (SCF) systems may require a different password. This non-BU Kerberos password can be reset by clicking the link below and entering your BU Kerberos password.

A note about default projects

On SCC, each LinGA user that did not have a default project specified was assigned to a new default project (lingadp). Users cannot run projects using the lingadp group and must either choose a new default group (link to do this) or manually change projects and specify the project each time.

To determine current group:
scc4:~ % id -ng

To change groups use “newgrp ”
scc4:~ % newgrp linga_admin