New userĀ  gets a listing of groups s/he belongs to before joining any project/group. Default group for new users is their username.


Project/Group Leader adds (removes) user to the respective group. This should run on the head node of each cluster.


UserĀ  gets a listing of groups s/he belongs to after joining projects/groups.


User gets group id of current session.

User starts a new session with a different group id.

Group ownership on files created during sessions with different group id matches group id of respective session.


User gets a listing of projects defined on the system.


User submits an interactive job using two step process.

  1. Create a new session with desired project/group id.
  2. Tag submitted job with desired project/group id matching session id.


Users submits a job tagged by project group matching user’s default group.

Then changes project/group id of session to submit a job tagged by a project other than user’s default project/group.


Job accounting logs reflect project/group used to tag job.