Windows Text Only


  • Download PuTTY for Windows from
    • Standalone (putty.exe) – This is a standalone/portable executable that does not require installation.
    • Installer (putty-<version>-installer.exe) – This download will install the entire PuTTY package with all of the components. These components are not required for use with LinGA and the install may require Administrative Privileges on your computer.
  • Launch PuTTY.
  • Configure the PuTTY Connection, select Session (it should be selected by default) from the Category panel on the left. Enter the following:
    • Host Name (or IP address) can be one of the following:
      • Adding <username>@ before the cluster name as in the example below is optional.
      • Port: 22
      • Connection type: SSH
      • To save the session, type a name in Saved Sessions and press SavePutty_Configuration_4
    • Click Open to open the connection.
    • Accept the server’s host key (it will cache the server’s host key in the registry).


    • Once accepted the host key, the PuTTY terminal window will open. Log in using your designated BU Kerberos password (you will not see your password while you type it.)