Workshop D

Avoiding “Predatory Publishers” on the Career Path

Joseph Harzbecker, MSLS, Head of Reference & Electronic Collections Management ,
A’Llyn Ettien, MLIS, Head of Technical Services,
Laura Spiller, MS (LIS), Technical & Information Services Librarian, Alumni Medical Library

Workshop Goals:
This session will give an overview of the scientific publishing process: both the traditional model, under which authors submit articles to journals, and journals charge fees for access, and the various Open Access (OA) models, under which authors or institutions often pay journals a fee for publication, and journals make articles freely available. OA has become a significant source of freely available research articles, many in reputable, peer-reviewed journals, but the model has also given rise to a large number of “predatory publishers,” which charge authors significant fees for publication and provide little or no peer review or promotion. Publishing is important, but it can be difficult to tell if an offer is legitimate. Participants in this workshop will learn the hallmarks of predatory publishing and gain the ability to confidently assess communications from publishers and determine whether publishing with a specific OA journal will be worth the requested fee.

Target Audience:
Faculty members, post docs, graduate students, residents and others who write for publication and/or advise students with in-process or completed theses or research projects