Ricoh Copy, Print, and Imaging Support

Overview In conjunction with BU Sourcing & Procurement, BUMC IT evaluated, tested, and recommends the Ricoh Aficio line of copiers. These Energy Star rated copiers offer many desirable features, and they support the University’s desire to use technology to promote sustainability.
Available To Departments
Benefits The Ricoh line offers energy efficient, networked-based printing, copying, and scanning services. Security features ensure document confidentiality. You can reduce the need to print by using Ricoh’s built-in scanning capabilities to distribute documents quickly, efficiently, and securely. 

BUMC IT will assist you with a review of your existing multifunction printer and help with the pre-installation review. We will also assist you with the setup of printing and scanning services and their continuing support.

Key Features
  • These Ricoh copiers provide secure disk encryption for all copied & printed materials, network printing, dual-sided printing by default, and the ability to scan directly to e-mail and folders.
  • BUMC IT offers pre-installation assistance, help with printer and imaging setup, post-installation review of features, and continuing, trained, on-site support.
Requirements Completed pre-installation form and lease or purchase of a Ricoh multifunction copier/printer.
Cost Departments are responsible for day-to-day operation, including replenishing paper, toner and ink.
Getting Started
  • Start by reviewing this introductory information and these steps for a successful copier installation.
  • Contact the appropriate Ricoh account representative for your campus to discuss your copier requirements. The account representative will discuss your options and provide you with a quotation for the cost of the equipment plus associated maintenance and supply costs.