Configure PPTP VPN- Windows XP

To configure PPTP VPN on Windows XP:

  1. Click on Start and go to Control Panel
  2. Locate and open Network and Internet Connections from the Control Panel
  3. Once opened, locate and open Create a new connection
  4. You may get a pop-up screen asking you to configure your Location Information (Skip to Step 5if you do not get the screen).
  5. You will be greeted by a Welcome screen. Click on the Next button
  6. Under the Network Connection Type select the second option: Connect to the network at my workplace and click on Next
  7. Under Network Connection, select the second option: Virtual Private Network connection and click on Next
  8. Under Connection Name, type in BUMC VPN for the Company Name and click on Next
  9. Under the VPN Server Selection screen type in for the Host name and click on Next
  10. Under the Connection Availability screen select the second option: My use only and click on Next
    Note: If you want other users of your computer to use the VPN connection then select Anyone’s use
  11. You will receive the Completing the New Connection Wizard screen, click on Finish
  12. After clicking on Finish the Connect to BUMC VPN screen should appear. Click on Properties
  13. Under BUMC VPN Properties, select the second tab: Options and check off Include Windows logon domain and click OK
  14. You will be brought back to the Connect BUMC VPN screen. For the User name type in your BUMC User Name, for the Password field enter in your password, and finally enter in BUMC for the Domain.Note: You may want to check off the save password box so you will not be prompted for your password each time you use the VPN connection. If you do save your password, be sure to set it to Me Only
  15. You are now connected to BUMC via VPN