General Purpose Storage

Overview BUMC IT offers local, block storage (SAN) space for servers.
Available To Faculty/Staff
Benefits Clients in need of additional  high-performance server storage local  to  the server can, upon availability, acquire space on BUMC’s central SAN. 

  • No need to incur additional capital expenses for direct attached storage
  • Storage can easily be provisioned and in production in a matter of minutes.
  • BUMC’s SAN is a flexible, and robust platform with many layers of redundancy and fault-tolerance to ensure data integrity and availability.
  • The SAN is housed in a managed data center
  • Platform independent
  • No additional overhead of application-layer network protocol
Key Features
  • Supports standard iSCSI
  • Support for multiple operating system platforms
  • Support for application-consistent backups of SQL Server, Oracle, SharePoint, for an additional cost.
  • University server storing University-related data
  • Server must be on the campus network
  • Server should have at least a 100Mb connection with flow control capabilities
    • (Ideally, for optimal performance, server should have dedicated NIC(s)  for iSCSI network traffic supporting at least 1Gb with TCP/IP offload engine)
  • Server platform must have either software or hardware iSCSI support.  (Microsoft Windows and BU Linux both have software iSCSI initiators .)
  • Subject to availability and service level requirements.
Cost TBD
Getting Started Contact the Service Desk for more information.