About LinGA

Overview LinGA is a computational resource available to Boston University research community primarily based on the Medical Campus. It consists of three High Performance Computing Beowulf class Linux clusters; high memory compute nodes; parallel / distributed storage cluster using HP IBRIX segmented file system; a small Hadoop cluster; and a collection of special purpose servers. In total LinGA systems have more than 250 servers with over 1750 CPU cores, 8 TB of RAM and more than 3/4 PB of raw storage capacity.
Available To Faculty, Researchers and External Research Collaborators

    The use of high-performance/high-throughput computing systems can dramatically reduce the time to obtain solutions for computationally intensive problems. High performance, high availability storage is shared across all of the systems, thereby reducing the time and complexity of data access.


    LinGA systems support a broad range of applications but they were designed to meet specific needs for analyzing large data sets involved in Genetic, Genomic & Bioinformatics research. Professional staff are available to help with the use of the systems. A broad set of software packages is available.

      Key Features Access to a variety of computing and storage solutions including:

      • RubySky: High memory AMD based Compute Cluster.
      • RedStar: AMD based Compute Cluster
      • BlueIce: Intel based Compute Cluster
      • HP IBRIX Storage Cluster
      • Hadoop Cluster
      • Archive Storage Server
      • Special Purpose Servers
        • Web/Monitoring
        • Database
        • Backup/Proxy
        • Test/Staging


      Access to numerous open-source and commercial software tools:

      • Math
      • Genetics and Genomics


      Usage and programming assistance from the LinGA Administrators, and access to LinGA reporting. Here is a summary of how to read LinGA reports.

      Requirements Must be a member of a LinGA approved research project.

      • BU faculty and full-time research staff can request LinGA research project accounts.
      • LinGA project leaders may add collaborators (students, researchers outside of BU, etc.) to their LinGA research project.
      Cost No charge to approved LinGA users.
      Getting Started

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