About the LinGA Usage Reports

This is a summary guide of how LinGA usage reports are organized.

Distribution and Providing Feedback

Reports will be sent monthly to principal investigators and project leaders. We welcome your feedback, particularly on projects which are labeled as “Unclassified”, or where you see issues with the school, department and PI being credited to each project. Let us know if you believe a second PI should be credited, or a project leader is missing. Please send your feedback via email to linga@bu.edu.

CPU Summary for Jobs Ending in the Past 6 Months

This section is visible to PIs and leads on projects which have no PI. Row one shows activity from the previous five months; row two shows activity added as a result of jobs that ended in the most recent month; row three shows the monthly percent of your activity relative to all projects; and row four shows your percent over the past six months, to smooth out monthly fluctuations. Jobs are reported only once completed, with CPU hours distributed evenly between the start and end date. A previous month’s hours and percentages may change as a result.

CPU Detail for Projects with Jobs Ending in the Current Month

This section is summarized by school/department. Details include total CPU hours, total number of jobs, CPU percent and the percent of jobs from that project, relative to all other projects that ended in the current month. Projects are credited based in part on information provided by project leaders. When one or more grants is specified for a project, we’ve attempted to credit the project consistent with the entity credited on the grant. Projects credited to multiple PI’s have CPU and storage usage evenly split, and are all credited to the same school/department, unless otherwise noted in the column titled “Additional Information.” When projects are credited to multiple PI’s, each will see their prorated portion on their report. Project leaders will see each PI’s portion on their own report.

Active LinGA Projects that did not have Jobs Ending in the Current Month

This section shows active LinGA projects that did not have jobs ending in the most recent month. If there are projects listed for which you do not anticipate having activity in the future, please let us know by emailing linga@bu.edu.

Storage Detail for the Current Month

This section shows storage details by project for the most recent month, summarized by school/department. It includes both used and allocated storage in GB, as well as percent relative to other projects. Project storage includes “UP” (unprotected projects; storage counted once) and “PP” (protected projects; storage counted twice to account for replication). This report does not include the non-project data called “PI” (protected individual). Hourly snapshots of storage data are averaged over the course of the most recent month, to smooth out fluctuations.