Research Computing

Overview BUMC IT oversees the development and support of high performance computing resources for use by BU researchers.  Scientific Computing and Visualization (SCV) group provides specialized supercomputing and communication resources (Scientific Computing Facilities, or SCF) in support of computational science and engineering, scientific visualization, computer graphics, and other disciplines that require high-performance computing or complex visualization. SCV manages these resources in close collaboration with the University’s Center for Computational Science.
Available To Students, Faculty, Researchers, External Research Collaborators, Industrial Partners
  • The use of high-performance computing systems can dramatically reduce the time to obtain solutions for computationally intensive problems.
  • Our supercomputing and visualization facilities are available to the entire Boston University research community with no direct cost for the acquisition, maintenance, or use of the resource.
Key Features Access to the Scientific Computing Facilities (SCF), including: 

Requirements People using the Scientific Computing Facilities (SCF) must be a member of an SCF research project. 

  • BU faculty and full-time research staff may create SCF research projects and serve as Principal Investigators.
  • Principal Investigators may add their collaborators (students, researchers outside of BU, etc.) to their SCF research project.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students interested in using the facilities, but not yet associated with an SCF project, may e-mail SCV to inquire about start-up accounts with very small CPU allocations and limited time durations.
Cost Services are offered at no charge to the BU community.
There is a charge to industrial partners.
Getting Started