Miscellaneous Issues

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Q.3. Training options. There is so much to learn about INSPIR II.  How can investigators learn what they need to know when we are busy all day?

A.3. There are multiple resources available to investigators to learn about INSPIR II such as

  • Introductory training sessions – live in-person and on video (see above for link on IRB website)
  • Power-point “how to” slides posted on the IRB website
  • “Cheat sheets” with section by section answers to INSPIR application questions (on IRB INSPIR II website)
  • Departmental level training sessions offered by the IRB
  • “Walk-in” clinics in the IRB office (schedule to be posted starting week of 3/28/11)
  • Super-users available in departments/sections/specialty areas to assist investigators with questions
  • CR Times articles;  Feb. 2011 and March 2011 (publication pending)
  • FAQs- the IRB will post, on an ongoing basis, answers to Frequently Asked INSPIR II Questions, on the IRB website.

Q.2.Department level training for INSPIR II. I have heard that the IRB will provide some INSPIR II training for departments. What kind of training is available and how do I register for it?

A.2. Members of the IRB staff will provide training for schools/departments/sections related to INSPIR II.  Introductory training sessions will not be provided at the department level. For introductory training investigators can attend one of many sessions schedule through 3/22/11. A video presentation of the introductory training is also available on the IRB website http://www.bumc.bu.edu/irb/inspir-ii/.

To schedule a departmental training session for your department go to http://www.bumc.bu.edu/irb/inspir-ii/  and click on the link to the Registration Form for Scheduling Departmental INSPIR II training.  Complete the application and then fax (617-638-7234) or email awingard@bu.edu the form to the IRB office.  The IRB will do its best to schedule training sessions during the times requested.

Q.1. Super-users: I keep hearing about INSPIR II super-users. Who are they and what do they do?

A.1. Thirty experienced research personnel have volunteered to serve as INSPIR-II consultants for the rest of our research community.  These people come from an array of schools/departments/sections and have had extensive experience with the former INSPIR system and with working with the IRB.  They have now received additional, in-depth training in INSPIR-II.  They are available to answer questions about navigating the new INSPIR-II system and how to perform the usual tasks of preparing and submitting IRB applications.

A list of the INSPIR II super-users, their associated departments/sections and their contact information can be found on the IRB website, INSPIR II page at http://www.bumc.bu.edu/irb/inspir-ii/.