OCR Seminar Series Presentations

reddot.gif (813 bytes) Developing Budgets for Research Projects with a Focus on Phase III Clinical Trials. [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes) Just Because You Can’t Count It Doesn’t Mean It Doesn’t Count: Doing Good Research with Qualitative Data. [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Investigator Initiated Research: Risks, Responsibilities, and Rewards [PowerPoint] . [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Investigational New Drug Applications: Two Cases [PowerPoint] . [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Optaining IND for Investigator-Initiated Study… for the first time [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Using the Internet to Conduct Research and Recruit Subjects [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Minding the p-Values and Quartiles: Data Analysis, Research Study Design and the IRB [PowerPoint] . [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Informed Consent: Moving from Readability to Comprehension [PowerPoint] . [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Radiology Research at BUMC [PowerPoint] . [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  The Logistics Behind Planning for Your Radiology Research Studies at BUMC [PowerPoint] . [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Case Report Forms: A Critical Link to the Success of Your Research Study [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Reporting Unanticipated Problems and Adverse Events: A Change in Policy [PowerPoint] . [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  An Interactive Approach to Good Clinical Practices (GCPs) [PowerPoint] . [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Dispelling Common Myths about the IRB [PowerPoint] . [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Accessing Data for Clinical Researchers: The Boston Medical Center Clinical Data Warehouse [PowerPoint] . [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  The Right Prescription for Working with Investigational Drug Service at BMC [PowerPoint] . [PDF],
and the related Code of Federal Regulations $ ICH Guidelines [Word] . [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Fraud in Medical Research: Emphasis on Statistical Aspects [PowerPoint] . [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Who Can Consent [PowerPoint] . [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Planning for Data and Safety Monitoring: Developing Your Study-specific DSMP [PowerPoint] . [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Informed Consent: From Readability to Comprehension [PowerPoint] . [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Surviving an Audit of Your Clinical Trial [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Inclusion of Non-English Speakers in Clinical Research [PDF]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Strategies for Success with the IRB: Tips to Help Get Your Protocol Approved. [PowerPoint]

reddot.gif (813 bytes)  Got Data? Tips for Researchers on Completing the Data Analysis Section of the IRB Application.[PowerPoint]


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