Attachment Issues

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Q.1. When first attaching a document it did not show up as saved after hitting saved the first time.  Still never found where it went.

A.1. I am afraid that this will be a common “problem”. You actually must “save” twice. 

  1. Click on the green “bar” to add a study document.  That will pull up an attachment “cover” page.  Complete the questions on this page (doc name, version number, version date, etc.).
  2. Then click “upload” to find document from your files.  Once you locate the file from your browser click SAVE.
  3. You will see VIEW THE DOCUMENT in the upper right hand corner (open this to verify that you have the correct document).
  4. Then click SAVE DOCUMENT
  5. This will bring you to the “Attach Study Documents Page”.  You should see your most recent attachment at the top of the list (if you have multiple attachments). 
    • Make sure that the box is check on the left (by default it should be checked). 
    • Then make sure you click on SAVE ATTACHMENTS in the upper right.   
    • ***I think this is the step that you missed and so you uploaded your document but you never “attached it” to a specific section. Check again, it should still be there if you saved it under “other study attachments.