A Farewell Song to INSPIR I

One frequent INSPIR user took the time to write a farewell song to INSPIR I.

This is from  Jenniffer Leyson,  Sr. Qualitative Data Analyst,  SPH Health Policy & Management.

 (To the tune of the Rodgers & Hammerstein song, “So Long! Farewell!” from “The Sound of Music”)

So long! Farewell!
Aufwiedersehn! Good night!
I must be off
INSPIR website tonight.

So long! Farewell!
The protocols are each
Backed up, locked out
And safely out of reach.

So long! Farewell!
Aufwiedersehn! Adieu!
Adieu! Adieu!

So long! Farewell!
No protocols to tweak:
INSPIR will be
Offline for one whole week.


INSPIR… has gone…
To bed and so must I…
So long… Farewell…
Good night…