What is INSPIR

INSPIR I is no longer being used for IACUC submissions.  For new IACUC submissions or to view existing protocols, you need to use  the new protocol management system Click at http://iacuc.bu.edu.


What is INSPIR?
INSPIR stands for the Integrated Network for Subject Protection In Research. It was developed at Baylor College of Medicine and commercialized as BRAAN but has been customized for use here at Boston University and Boston University Medical Center. It is supported by a Human Subjects Research Enhancement Grant from the NIH.
Where is INSPIR being used?
INSPIR is no longer being used by the IRBs (Institutional Review Boards) at the BU Medical Center. It is currently only being used by the IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) at the Medical Center.
What does INSPIR do?
INSPIR is a web-based software program that supports the creation, routing, review, signing, amending, reporting, and auditing of all research protocols. INSPIR allows for “transparent processing” so that all investigators who have access to a protocol can see where the protocol is at each step of the signature, review, and approval process.INSPIR also allows IACUC board members and reviewers access to the entire study file (including archived versions of the protocol). It automatically generates continuing review reminders to investigators for protocols. INSPIR will also electronically route new applications to the appropriate people for signatures. INSPIR allows investigators and board members access to protocols from any internet connected computer.
Is use of INSPIR optional?
As of March 15, 2004 both the IACUC and IRB at BUMC started using INSPIR for processing of all research protocols. In March 15, 2011, the IRB moved to a new system called INSPIR II for human subjects studies. IACUC currently is still using INSPIR one for animal protocols.
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