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INSPIR I is no longer being used for IACUC submissions.  For new IACUC submissions or to view existing protocols, you need to use  the new protocol management system “Click” at “Click” will not be available for investigator use until June 18, 2018.

Support for INSPIR

diamond bullet Desktop Requirements.
diamond bullet I can’t get to the Inspir login page.
diamond bullet I am at the INSPIR login page, but cannot login.
diamond bullet I successfully logged into INSPIR but am having problems.

Desktop Requirements for Connecting to the INSPIR Application.

The INSPIR Application is hosted by the Office of Information Technology and is part of the Boston University Medical Campus Computing Environment. This application is Internet enabled allowing access from any Internet connected computing device.

The following requirements must be met to correctly and appropriately access, log onto and work with the INSPIR Application modules.

Browser Level:

As a web-based application, you will be accessing it using an internet browser.

  • If you are using a Macintosh computer, your browser must be either Netscape, Version 7 or higher or Safari for Mac. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for Mac is not supported.
  • If you are using a PC, your browser must be Internet Explorer, Version 6.0 or higher.


To properly display many of the INSPIR modules, your browser must have ‘cookies’ enabled. To enable cookies:

  • Internet Explorer: From the Tools menu, select Internet Options, select Privacy and either enable cookies for all web sites or to specifically enable cookies for the INSPIR application, select Web Site Section, select Edit and enter and click allow.
  • Safari 1.0 for Macintosh: From the toolbar at the top select Safari and then select Preferences from the list. Click on the Security option in the top toolbar and where it says “Accept Cookies” either select “Always” or “Only from sites you navigate to”.
  • Netscape: From the Edit menu, select Preferences, select Privacy and Security, enable Cookies.

Pop-Up Blockers:

Since the INSPIR application uses multiple windows to display information, it is essential that any Pop-Up blocking software be disabled while accessing the INSPIR application.

Please refer to your particular Pop-Up Blocking software’s documentation for instructions to disable.

I can’t get to the INSPIR login page.

1. You get a message that the server can’t be found.

If you cannot get to other web sites, you are experiencing a network problem and need to contact your network administrator or your computer support office.

2. Potential problems with your computer

INSPIR is slow
You are getting a “Page cannot display” error
The windows do not display at all

For any of these, you may be having a computer problem, possibly with your browser’s security level, cookie settings or pop-up blocker settings. Click here to find out the computer prerequisites for using INSPIR.

If your error is any of the above, and you cannot solve it, please contact your computer support department.

3. You attempt to get to the login page and get the following error:

Screenshot of Error Browser Not Supported Page

INSPIR only supports certain browsers; click here to review the list of supported browsers.

Mac users–the most recent version of Safari (v 1.2) is not yet supported, but should be in the coming weeks.

I am at the INSPIR login page, but cannot login.

1. I see an “Error Processing Request” page like the one below:

Screenshot of Error Processing Request Page

If you just activated your account, you will typically not be able to login to INSPIR until the following day. If you continue to receive this error message 24 hours after activating your account, email Help Desk.

2. I keep getting prompted for my username and password until I see the following “You are not authorized to view this page” error screen:

Screenshot of Error on Web Page

You are either logging in with the incorrect username and password or your account has not been activated.

Make sure you are logging in correctly.

You need to login with your BU Login Name (less than 8 characters long) and Kerberos password (between 10 and 14 characters long, two uppercase and two lowercase letters and at least one number or punctuation mark).

To test whether or not you are using the correct Login Name and Password, link to, go to the bottom of the page and click on “Log in to the BU Electronic Directory.” If you can login to the BU Online Directory successfully with exactly the same Login Name and password that you attempted to use at the INSPIR login page, read on below.

Did you activate your INSPIR account?

If you received an email from with instructions on how to activate your account but you never activated your account, contact Help Desk.

Are you a new employee, or were you never contacted about your INSPIR account?

Submit a brand new request for access to INSPIR.

I successfully logged into INSPIR but am having problems.

I am in INSPIR, but I don’t see any of my current protocols:

Make sure you click on “View Protocols” under the word “Investigator” on the left column of the web page. If you don’t see the “View Protocols” option, click first on the small arrow located to the left of the word “Investigator”, this will extend the list of options for this role.

If you clicked “View Protocols” under “Investigator” and got the message “No Data Found”, that means you don’t have “Read/write” privileges to any protocol. You need to be granted “Read/write” privileges to a protocol before it can show up here.

For more help on IACUC protocols, please contact IACUC.
For more help on IRB protocols, please contact IRB.

I am in INSPIR, but can’t create a new protocol:

For IACUC protocols, please contact IACUC.
For IRB protocols, please contact IRB.

I am in INSPIR and can create a new protocol, but I am not getting any of my email reminders:

If you work for BMC, the VA, or another institution besides BU, make sure you have set the correct forwarding email address in your BU Online Directory Listing

Please click here to login to the BU Online Directory. Make sure that your email address appears correctly in your listing.

I am creating a new protocol in INSPIR, but I can’t add an individual to the protocol (Administrator, Co-Investigator, Additional Research Personnel):

Please make sure you are entering the last name correctly (not the full name). For best results just key in the first three letters of the individaual’s last name and click on the Binoculors. If this individual is still not found, then he/she does not have an INSPIR account. Please have the individual in question link to to submit a new user request for an INSPIR account.

I can create a new protocol, but INSPIR won’t let me submit it (and I am the Principal Investigator (PI) for the protocol):

Click here. A request for “Submit” privileges email will be generated. Type in your full name, title, and INSPIR username and click on “Send”. You will later receive an email notification when you have been granted the “Submit” privileges.

I’m done working on a protocol and now someone else needs to access it but they keep getting a message that the protocol is locked by me:

The system locks the protocol when someone is editing it and will release the locking mechanism only if the protocol was properly closed by clicking on the “X” icon within the INSPIR application. If you kept the protocol open or you closed the entire web browser, then you didn’t properly close the protocol and the lock has not been released.  To release the lock, you need to login into INSPIR and go back to that protocol and select “Remove Lock” from the “What would you like to do?:” drop down menu and then click “Go”. This will release the lock and allow others to edit the protocol. If the protocol was left locked, the system will automatically unlock all locked protocol every day at 1:00 am. If the person who locked the protocol is not available to unlock it and someone else needs to access it and can’t wait till the next day, please contact the IRB.

I can log in to INSPIR, but I’m having technical problems filling out the protocol forms:

Please send a detailed email describing your difficulty to:

For IACUC protocols, please contact IACUC.

For IRB protocols, please contact IRB.

INSPIR is not displaying correctly (the page looks different than it usually does):

You may be having a computer problem, possibly with your browser’s security level, cookie settings or pop-up blocker settings. Click here to find out the computer prerequisites for using INSPIR.

If there are any other questions that have not been answered by this form, please contact IT Service Desk.

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