Dan Rozelle, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD – University of California-Davis, 2009

BS – California Polytechnic University, 2004

Connor Laboratory

Poxvirus infection poses a significant threat to human health from both inadvertent zoonotic agents (e.g. monkeypox and cowpox) as well as weaponized agents used in bioterrorism (smallpox variola virus). Currently there is no FDA-licensed drug for orthopoxvirus. My research seeks to expand our understanding of the host-virus interaction. Specifically it will explore the possibility of stimulating a latent immune response to antagonize viral replication. The ability to induce such a host response is important for identifying viral mechanisms of immune evasions and provides the means for understanding and classifying small molecule inhibitors of viral replication. Identifying pathways which induce this specific antiviral response will allow our future research and the field in general to test whether other cytoplasmically replicating viruses are sensitive to this intrinsic cellular defense.