Required Courses

GMS MI 700 Concepts in Microbiology, 4 cr
GMS MI 713 Comprehensive Immunology, 4 cr
GMS MI 715 Advanced Immunology, 4 cr
GMS BI 755 Biochemistry, 4 cr*
GMS MI 812 Microbiology Seminar, 2 cr
GMS MI 911, 912 Research Microbiology, cr var
Seminars in Ethics in Biomedical Research
*or 4-8 cr of biochemistry from an approved list

Advanced Microbiology Courses

Choose 4 credits of the following

GMS MI 714 Genetics of Microorganisms, 4 cr
GMS MI 717 Growth Control and Cell Transformation, 4 cr
GMS MI 716 Bacterial Physiology, 4 cr
GMS MI 718 Advanced Virology, 4 cr

Elective Courses
Choose 4 credits of the following**

GMS BI 756, Biochemistry, 4 cr
GMS BI 776 Gene Targeting in Transgenic Mice, 2 cr
GMS BI 782 Molecular Biology, 4 cr
GMS BI 783 Structure and Function of Proteins, 2 cr
GMS BI 790 Receptor & Signal Transduction, 2 cr
GMS MS 753 Cell Biology, 4 cr
GMS MS 781 Human Genetics, 4 cr

**ITP-approved Advanced Microbiology Courses can be substituted with the permission of the Director of Graduate Studies.

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