Current ITP Trainees


Parul Agnihotri
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Research Areas: CD4 T Cell Development and Fate

Michelle Fleury
Research Areas:
Autoimmune Disorders

Suzanne Geer
Research Areas: Receptor Usage of HIV-1 that allows for virus acquisition and dissemination

Kristie Hilliard
Research Areas: The hepatic acute phase response regulate pulmonary inflammation during bacterial pneumonia

Caitlin Miller
Research Areas: Virology, Infectious Disease

Munir Mosaheb
Research Areas: Immune Reactions of T Cells

Elizabeth Moses
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Research Areas: Cancer Development

Emily Nelson
Research Areas: Ebola virus protein VP30 and its role in post-transcriptional regulation

Nicole Stauffer
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Research Areas: Inflammation and Autoimmunity

Amanda Watkins
Molecular and Translational Medicine
Research Areas: Role of interferon regulator factor-5 in systemic lupus erythematosus associated atherosclerosis

Post-doctoral Trainees

Adam Hume, PhD
Research Areas: Immune Response to Filoviruses

Dan Rozelle, PhD
Research Areas: Blocking Poxvirus replication by inducing latent antiviral responses