Resident Committees 2020-2021

Curriculum Committee
Resident Leader(s): Ryan Bonner & Hely Shah
Faculty Advisor: Irina Vovnoboy
Chief Resident Partner: Ryan Knodle & Sarah Khan
Admin Partner: TBD
Purpose: The Curriculum Committee provides an opportunity for residents interested in curriculum design to meet and brainstorm ways to implement improvements.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Resident Leader(s): Edeliz Florez & Hannan Braun
Faculty Advisor: Rachel Simmons & Jenny Siegel
Chief Resident Partner: Sam Rawlins-Pilgrim
Admin Partner: Marybeth Cotera Reyes
Purpose: The Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s mission is to increase diversity within our program, foster community and build curriculum focused on equity.

Operations Committee
Resident Leader(s): Amir Gilad & Mike Fattouh
Faculty Advisor: James Hudspeth
Chief Resident Partner: TBD
Admin Partner: Tori Roberts
Purpose: Provides review and input on operational changes and areas for improvement in the BMC inpatient setting.

Research & Scholarship Committee
Resident Leader(s): Brian Schwartz & Andrew Canakis
Faculty Advisor: Ashish Upadhyay
Chief Resident Partner: Feven Ataklte
Admin Partner: Nicole Nguyen
Purpose: Explores avenues to improve resident research and scholarship opportunities as well as aid residents in finding mentors and developing skills from project creation to publication.

Residents of Shapiro and Crosstown Clinics – Team ROSC
Resident Leader(s): Clare Ronan, Kyle Jones, & Kevin Huang
Faculty Advisor(s): Juhee McDougal
Chief Resident Partner: Steve Russell & Sam Rawlins-Pilgrim
Admin Partner: Julia Xu
Purpose: To provide a resident voice in advocating for changes to optimize Shapiro/Crosstown clinics for residents, coworkers, and patients.

Wellness Committee
Resident Leader(s): Iniya Rajendran
Faculty Advisor: Jenny Siegel
Chief Resident Partner: Lauren Kearney
Admin Partner: Julia Xu
Purpose: To foster resiliency in an environment that is enriched with personal and professional productivity through balance in physical health, mental wellbeing and social camaraderie in and out of the workplace.

Women in Medicine Committee
Resident Leader(s): TBD
Faculty Advisor: Rachel Simmons
Chief Resident Partner: Sarah Khan, Lauren Kearney, & Sam Rawlins-Pilgrim
Admin Partner: Marybeth Cotera Reye
Purpose: The Women in Medicine Committee seeks to bring together female-identifying residents and faculty to foster community, support the development of mentorship networks, and address the unique opportunities and challenges of being a woman in medicine.