Research Training Experience

The Boston University Infectious Diseases Fellowship program is an intensive academic fellowship. The majority of the faculty have appointments in the Graduate Medical Sciences Programs, and are members of various training programs including the Immunology Training Program, Host-Pathogen Interaction Program, Hematology Training Program, CHART, and Molecular Medicine Graduate Program. Training grant-eligible fellows (US citizens or permanent residents) can potentially be funded through these programs. When feasible, institutional resources will be used to provide the remainder of support for a third year of training.

The research training experience will be focused on either Clinical Investigation or Basic Laboratory Research. Fellow applicants are encouraged to examine the research interests of our clinical and basic research faculty and identify potential mentors that they would like to meet during their interview.  We will work with new trainees to select research mentors either prior to or early in their first year of fellowship.

For further information about our two research tracks, the specific concentrations and the participating faculty mentors please see:

Clinical Investigation

Basic Laboratory Research Track

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