Safety & Security

The entrance to Harrison Court is secured by a card access system controlled by BUMC Office of Public Safety. Activity is monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week. Security systems include closed circuit television and door alarms connected to adjoining buildings.

Proximity to campus is one of the many benefits of living at Harrison Court. As a resident of Harrison Court, tenants gain access to the rear entryway of the School of Medicine Instructional Building. This allows Harrison Court residents to walk directly across the street to class. Emergency phones and intercoms are located throughout campus and at surrounding medical center buildings.

Harrison Court tenants may also take advantage of the security escort service provided by BUMC Office of Public Safety. Vehicular or pedestrian escorts are available by request for transport to and from BUMC garages, lots and surrounding medical center buildings during night and weekend hours. Escorts are subject to availability by calling the Public Safety Dispatch Center at extension 8-4444.

In addition to being located across the street from one of Boston’s leading medical centers, Harrison Court is located just a few blocks down Harrison Avenue from both the South End district police and fire departments.

For additional information regarding campus safety and security, visit the BUMC Public Safety website.

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