Genome Science Institute Committees

All GSI members are encouraged to join a committee. Your active participation will help each committee meet its mission. To join or to suggest a new committee please email us. Please click on a committee to see the current members.

Cores and Technology
Mission: To coordinate the development of new cores, or the expansion existing ones, to meet the growing needs of BU researchers engaged in genetics- and genomics-related research. Also, to evaluate new technologies related to genetic and genomics and coordinate efforts to bring relevant technologies to BU.

Mission: To expand and strengthen opportunities for training and education in Genetics and Genomics at Boston University. Committee activities may include establishing a GSI symposium, submitting training grants, and curriculum review and development.

Seed Grants
Mission: To establish and maintain a GSI seed grant program that will provide pilot funds supporting new collaborations and emerging areas in genetics and genomics.

Seminar Series
Mission: To invite to BU internationally recognized researchers who are at the vanguard of genetics and genomics research and who will present topics of broad interest to the genetics and genomics community. Also, to facilitate presentations of ongoing research by BU investigators.

Strategic Planning
Mission: To develop short term and long term plans for enhancing genetics and genomics research at BU.

Translational Genomics and Health Outcomes