October 2012 Research Symposium

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The GSI is proud to announce the winners of the 4th Annual Research Symposium!

Standing:  Rebecca Kusko, Zachary Hunter, Carly Garrison, Artie Lambert, Anna Lyubetskaya, Joshua Campbell Sitting:  Kahkeshan Hijazi and Hilo Milo Rasouly  Missing:  Kristen Ott, Sarah Heerboth, and Ying Shen

Oral Presentation Winners:

Arthur Lambert (Graduate Student in Molecular Medicine, Thiagalingam Lab) – Periostin signaling regulates breast cancer stem cells

Anna Lyubetskaya (Graduate Student in Bioinformatics, Galagan Lab) – Using ChIP-seq for transcription factor binding sites prediction and validation in M. tuberculosis

Hila Milo Rasouly (Graduate Student in Genetics and Genomics, W. Lu Lab) – Loss of Robo2 improves survival of ILK mutant mice

Kristen Ott (Graduate Student in Genetics and Genomics, Navarro Lab) – Characterizing spindle-E, a protein involved in guarding the genome

Zachary Hunter (Graduate Student in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Treon Lab) – Copy number and small variant analysis from whole genome sequencing of 30 patients with Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia

Poster Presentation Winners:

Joshua Campbell (Postdoctoral Fellow, Spira Lab) – Characterizing the small RNA transcriptome associated with COPD and ILD using next generation sequencing

Carly Garrison (Graduate Student in Genetics and Genomics, Spira Lab) – Mir-4423 promoted ciliated cell fate during airway epithelium differentiation

Sarah Heerboth (Undergraduate Student in Biology) – Development of a combination therapy:  Allele-specific re-expression of an imprinted tumor suppressor gene ARHI

Kahkeshan Hijazi (Graduate Student in Bioinformatics, Spira Lab) – Nasal epithelial gene expression profiles reflect dyamic biological response to smoking-cessation

Rebecca Kusko (Graduate Student in Genetics and Genomics, Spira Lab) – Comprehensive genomic profiling of the lung transcriptome in emphysema and IPF using RNA-Seq

Ying Shen (Postdoctoral Fellow, Spira Lab) – Adaptive models for predicting pathway activation and drug response in cancer tissues