BMC Employee Benefits

Graduate Medical Sciences at Boston University School of Medicine has partnered with Boston Medical Center to provide a 50% tuition discount for eligible BMC employees.

For an eligibility confirmation letter, please contact of Human Resources at Boston Medical Center.

To apply, please contact Sherill Ashe in Graduate Medical Sciences.

*All employees must be employed through the final exam date in order receive the discount.

Eligibility criteria: effective January 2015

• An employee must be working 30> hours per week.

• Employees cannot apply for the tuition discount until they have completed their probationary period set by BMC (90 or 120 days, depending on their position)

• If the employee fails to be employed through the final exam date of the GMS courses enrolled in, the discount will be rescinded and the employee will be responsible for all tuition costs incurred during the period of enrollment.

• Must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress, as dictated by the GMS Policies and Procedures, to continue receiving the tuition discount in subsequent semesters.

• The benefit of 50% tuition discount cannot be combined with any other GMS scholarship unless approved by the Associate Provost and can be only used towards GMS graduate-level coursework.

• A maximum of 4 GMS course credits (at the graduate-level) per semester (8 GMS course credits per academic year) can be considered for the 50% discount and a maximum of 16 GMS course credits total can be discounted using this benefit.

Pathway 1:

Apply and matriculate into one of the selected master’s programs:

BMC employees enrolled in one of the above participating degree programs will be eligible to receive a 50 % tuition reduction on up to 4 GMS graduate-level credits per semester and a total of 16 GMS graduate-level credits total per student.

Pathway 2:

• Apply to GMS as non-degree student

• Maximum of 4 GMS graduate-level credits per semester and a total of 16 GMS graduate-level credits can be discounted using this benefit

• Only 8 credits are transferable into a degree program

• Permission from GMS course instructor is required prior to registration

* courses subject to availability