Request a Refund Check


If the student chooses to utilize the new quick and easy direct deposit option follow the following steps:

  • Log onto Student Link
  • Click on Money Matters
  • Click on Student Account Inquiry
  • Click on Refund Request

Once you submit your direct deposit refund request, an email request will be sent to yourschool’s  financial aid office prompting a request for an electronic approval of the direct deposit amount requested by the student. Upon approval, the funds will be credited to students’ US bank account within a few days. If the student chooses to have his/her check mailed to a permanent or local address or would rather have the check held at Student Accounting Office for pickup when it becomes available, he/she should submit a refund request (via email, phone call, or in person) to the financial aid office about a week prior to the start of classes each semester.

**Please note: university policy forbids funds to be released to students before the first day of class each semester. Please refer to the Calendar Page for the  Official University Calendar for these  important dates.

*** If your GMS program does not follow the published standard start dates, please contact the financial aid office for further instructions.