Additional Mentorship and Professional Development Opportunities

The Division of Graduate Medical Sciences is committed to making your life at BU a positive and nurturing experience. To this end, we emphasize mentorship and professional development; our Fair Expectations (.PDF) reinforce these underlying principles.

PHD POSTER- smallMM6 happy femaleOur recent Exit Survey of 2010 PhD graduates indicated that greater than 80% of the graduates were satisfied with mentorship, guidance and advising provided by their PI, members of the thesis committee, as well as postdoctoral fellows and staff.

The Division office provides travel grants for students to present their work at scientific conferences and offers professional development workshops to help students launch their scientific careers.  Additionally students can apply for a GMSSO Professional Development award or other Fellowships and Scholarships.

The GMS Office hosts special events such as the endowed Henry I. Russek Achievement Day to celebrate student research accomplishments, bi-annual GMS art show and BUSM Arts Day to showcase the artistic talents of all members of our community, Career Day to learn about the many diverse career paths for a PhD in the biological sciences and Hockey Night to cheer the BU team on to victory.NSGC Poster - Amy Lovelette Other events such as BU’s Science and Engineering Symposium are also open to our graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

The GMS Office collaborates with the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs to foster an appreciation of cultural competence and health disparities and their role in biomedical science research.

Another opportunity for students to share their  public health-related experiences /research with fellow students and colleagues is available through the BU SPH Pathfinder Student Seminar Series. facebook

Please visit our Post-doctoral page for career opportunities and post-doctoral positions.