MAMS Faculty Advising

Faculty Advisors

Each student in the M.S. in Medical Sciences Program is assigned a faculty advisor. Your advisor will assist you with course selection and registration, career guidance, medical school applications, mock interviews, thesis project selection and other areas of interest and concern. Your advisor, along with the entire faculty, is dedicated to helping you succeed and will become a valuable mentor and advocate.

You should plan to meet with your advisor on a regular basis but it is very important to set up meetings at the following times:

• Introductory meeting in the early part of the semester (before first set of exams in September – early October)

• After you have completed your first set of exams (October)

• During class registration for the Spring semester (November)

• After first set of exams in Spring semester

• January to April 1 to discuss your Biosketch for Advisor’s Letter

• April – course registration for Fall and/or Summer sessions; thesis plans; and medical school applications

Students will receive advisor assignments during the Program Orientation.

The M.S. in Medical Sciences Faculty Advisors  are:

Dr. Theresa Davies
Dr. Isabel Dominguez
Dr. J. Fernando Garcia Diaz
Dr. Carl Franzblau
Dr. Linda Heffner
Dr. Matthew Layne
Dr. Simon Levy
Dr. Maryann Macneil
Dr. Stephanie Oberhaus
Dr. Gwynneth Offner
Dr. Hee-Young Park
Dr. Barbara Seaton
Dr. Jean Spencer
Dr. Karen Symes
Dr. Vickery Trinkaus-Randall
Dr. R. Jarrett Rushmore